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the Original Drag'n Wag'n
Drag'n Wag'n in 1998
Drag'n Wag'n in 2008
Drag'n Wag'n after 2011 Restoration

Original Drag'n Wag'n

The original Drag'n Wag'n was Dave Duell's1963 Dodge Station Wagon mostly built with the help of Arlen Vanke back in the mid-1960s. Dave raced it successfully in NHRA until the mid-70s, when he then focused his attention on his career and the Chrysler / Plymouth dealership in Evansville, IN that he'd bought.

Drag'n Wag'n Tribute

In the late 1980s Dave was again bitten by the racing bug, and searched for an appropriate car to build into a tribute to the original Drag'n Wag'n. Since he owned a Plymouth dealership, a 63 or 64 Plymouth was more appropriate than a Dodge. One was located in Colorado and built into the Drag'n Wag'n still raced today in the Nostalgia Super Stock class of drag racing.


Dave died in December 2005, and his son Doug Duell has raced the car to many NSS Championships since.

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