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The term Muscle Car is generally meant to mean a big block engine stuffed into an intermediate sized car.

Many consider the 1964 Pontiac GTO to be the first Muscle Car. The GTO was created by stuffing a 389 CI motor generally found in the full size Catalinas and Bonnevilles into the mid-size Tempest. Others will argue the 1936 Buick Century (named as it was the first production passenger car to go 100 MPH) was the first Muscle Car when the put the motor from their big cars into the smaller Buick Special. Yet others will argue the 55 Chrysler 300 with its Hemi, or the Studebaker Hawk with the R-Series engines, or even the Dodge and Plymouth Max-Wedge cars were the first Muscle Cars -- as they were B-Bodies with 413 and 426 engines..

In Mopar parlance, Muscle Cars included the Roadrunner, GTX, Cuda, Duster 340, Superbird, Charger, Daytona, Challenger, Dart GTS, Demon, and Coronet R/T.

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